Northampton – Bring on Seaside

Northampton Seaside will guarantee the sun!

Northampton – Bring Back the Beach

As soon as the water companies declared that Northampton and the rest of the UK had entered a drought period, the worst apparently since the summer of 1976 it started to rain.

So why don’t we, following the cause and effect theory declare that in Northampton we are proud and pleased with the spring/winter rain?

Of course just to declare it would not necessarily bring out the sun, but in the same way as switching off the Market Square Fountain apparently brought down the water from the heavens I might have the solution.

Last year the Town Centre BID much to their credit successfully turned an area of the Market Square into a Northampton Seaside which was enjoyed by everyone and brought out the sun.

So what I’m suggesting is let’s declare Northampton as the monsoon capital of England, switch on the fountain and install the beach.

Summer will arrive and those who think they are a god’s gift to the planet can claim the credit.

So come on Northampton, lets bring the sunshine to England.