Never Mind the Grosvenor What About Our Goalposts?

Whoops number 1 – Not quite what we meant by ‘Replacement Goal Posts’

Goal Posts – You Just Couldn’t Make It Up.

If the crisis and debacle over the Grosvenor Centre regeneration is something that we should all be worried about which has raised real questions of the Borough Councils competence, or incompetence depending on how you look at it, spare a thought for the young people in Bellinge and Little Billing.

In March this year I reported that the existing goal post on Bellinge Field, Fishponds Road were corroded through and asked for them to be replaced.

To the credit of NBC the goalposts were surveyed and a decision taken to replace them.

What happened next is a matter of curiosity, replacement goal posts were installed,

(Great you may thing – so what’s the issue),

The replacement posts were installed 1 metre from the existing goal posts without removing the originals, giving me the opportunity, (tongue in cheek for those who are reading this and don’t do irony) to claim that I had doubled the number of goal posts in Billing.

I can only think that there is a ‘goal post putting up team’ and a ‘goal post taking down team’

Following tweets etc. the original goal posts were removed and all seemed hunky dory.

Whoops number 2 – Not quite international standard installation

Except that the newly installed goalposts hadn’t been installed correctly and were in danger of falling over, so as you would expect it was reported and a request for them to be installed correctly made.

A survey was carried out and it was agreed they should be installed correctly,

The expectation of course was that a team would turn up and install them,

Whoops number 3 – Looks like a return to putting coats down for goal posts

What happened is that they were taken away altogether to presumably be prepared to be installed correctly, so now we have a fantastic open field.

It seems to indicate that whether it is a quarter of a million pound regeneration project or one set of goalposts there is pattern developing, what is most important to the young people in Bellinge and Little Billing is their playing field.

No wonder people I meet everyday are cynical that if NBC can’t get even this right what hope is there for anything else?

Now for a disclaimer request . This although based on reality it is a ‘parody’ and example of how not to be competent, so please don’t close me down.