Northampton Labour Call for a Rethink?

Northampton Town Centre regeneration now under threat

Following the very disappointing announcement of a breakdown in confidence between Legal and General and the Borough Council Conservative administration further threatening the development of the Grosvenor Centre the Leader of the Borough Council Labour group has published the attached press release calling for a full debate on the issue.

Conservatives have ignored the people of Northampton.

Labour is Listening to Northampton

Northampton Labour Group

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 Labour Calls For Rethink On Town Centre

With news that Legal & General are no longer proceeding with a planning application on the development of the Grosvenor Centre, Labour are now calling for a complete rethink of the town centre and come up with a new plan.

It was in 2000 that the last Labour Administration first announced plans for an extended Grosvenor Centre that would bring more retail into the town centre.  Since 2003 every we have seen delay after delay to the long-awaited project but now the whole project has been kicked out of play for the foreseeable future.

With such a flagship policy now in tatters Labour are calling for the Special Council Meeting on June 21st to discuss this important issue and ask Cllr Mackintosh and his cabinet why things have gone so very badly wrong.  This morning Cllr Wire has put his request for this matter to be included in the agenda at the Special Council Meeting to the Chief Executive and the Mayor and now awaits a response.

Labour calls for the planning application on the new Bus Interchange to be deferred until we have a clear steer from Legal and General on their future plans for the Grosvenor Centre. We have grave concerns if the new bus station is built the old one will lay dormant and fall into disrepair costing the Council some half a million a year to maintain.

This latest announcement of a further delay is unacceptable to Northampton Labour Group. We believe a complete rethink is needed on the town centre and time to consider a Plan B.

Cllr Terry Wire, Leader of the Labour Group, says

“This is of course disappointing news as we hoped Legal & General would finally get on with the job.  Nevertheless we are in this position and I believe it’s time to think again on the town centre.  The Council now needs to think of a Plan B.


The planning application on the new bus interchange must be put on hold whilst a Plan B is devised.  It would be ludicrous for this project, which has always been contentious, to now go ahead.  For now Greyfriars has been saved as far as I’m concerned. 


As the Main Opposition Group on NBC we will offer to meet with Legal & General and discuss with them just what has gone wrong. They are still many questions that are unanswered.


This latest twist to the town centre development has made this Council a laughing-stock.”