Police and Crime Commissioner – Race is On for Top Role

Essential that people Vote Labour for Police Commissioner

Police and Crime Commissioner – Race is On for Top Role

The race is well and   truly on for the role of the first elected Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire with all political parties now going through their own processes in selecting their candidate for what will be a major role in the County.

It will of course see the end of the Police Authority who whatever some politicians (who quite frankly should not only know better but continue to demonstrate a real lack of understanding of the role) say; deserve to be recognised for the excellent work they have performed over the years.

The first question of who will be selected by the main political parties will be answered in the next few weeks and the second and most important question will be what will their campaign strategy and message be?

Conservative & Liberal Democrat have Cut Police Funding

Labour will unquestionably be campaigning on the real issue affecting everyone of the impact of the savage and draconian cuts in police funding that is going to see the number of front line police officers cut by almost 30,000, and as we have seen lately with the police admitting there will be permanent reductions in police the impact in Northampton.

The Conservative controlled Northamptonshire County Council and Northampton Borough Council cuts on top of the Liberal Democrat – Conservative coalition Governments 20% cuts in funding will quite rightly be raised as a demonstration that the two coalition parties can in no way claim to be parties of law and order or public safety.

In addition of course to cuts in police funding and PCSO’s there will be other issues that have raised real concerns with residents across the County and especially in the towns such as the misguided and totally unnecessary switching off of over half of the streetlights and reducing monitoring of CCTV with threats to switch  cameras off next year.

Labour are the only party who put public safety first

It is why people should listen and think carefully before they decide who to vote for and why I believe that Labour are and have continued to demonstrate they are the only party who support the police and public which is why I will campaigning for people to vote for the Labour candidate.