Modern Communications – Do They Promote Bad Manners and Ignorance?

It’s not that I’m not interested, but you’re not as important.

Modern Communications – Do They Promote Bad Manners and Ignorance?

Over the Jubilee weekend I spent some time with friends which in spite of the weather was great and during which one told me of a recent auction event they had been at where a leading member of the community spent the entire time concentrating on operating two Blackberry phones.

Or as it was put to me

“was the individual just rude and ignorant and only at the event to be seen so saw no problem in treating the hosts and other guests with a level of disregard bordering on contempt”?

It brought home to me that a few weeks ago the same individual during a presentation on the Grosvenor Regeneration and Development spent the entire time, of what arguably is the most important, centre piece of Northampton’s regeneration on the Blackberry, so it appears to be what they considered to be normal and acceptable behaviour.

It’s not my fault – I’m frightened of people

Which begs the question why are we so obsessed with modern communication devices and the need to respond instantly to them when they ‘go off’ or is it that some people would rather interact with and through inanimate electronic communication devices rather than with real people?

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who gets really annoyed when someone you’re talking to suddenly stops the conversation to answer a mobile phone or answer a text message received on their I pad?

The problem is that we seem to be willing to accept it,

but and it is a big but,

would we accept it if a person in mid-sentence suddenly walked away to talk to someone else and then returned and expected you to have waited for them so they can carry on with the conversation.

I bet we wouldn’t,

So here’s a suggestion of what to do the next time someone spends their time on a device instead of listening and giving others in the meeting respect, or answers a phone during a conversation with you wait until they really have something to say to you and want you to engage with them, or when they stand up to talk to the assembled audience just start a conversation with whoever is nearest to you.

If you can’t think of anything to talk about try the long running radio series about the Archers which will give you a whole world of fiction to go at.

Imagine what they would do if you suddenly started waxing lyrical about your concerns over Phil Archer draining the bottom field and didn’t he do that in 1983 as well, and whatever happened to Joe Grundy?

So let’s combat those who put emails and mobiles before people by showing them up for what they are and if it continues simply,

“Get up and walk out”