Northampton Character Shines Through at Delapre

Pouring Rain – Live Music. It’s just like a festival

Northampton Character Shines Through at Delapre

It came as no surprise on Sunday when in spite of the weather which was both wet and cold that so many people in Northampton still made the effort to go to Delapre Abbey as part of the Queens Jubilee Celebrations.

For those who decided that the place to stay was at home with the heating turned on and watching television I’ll try and paint a picture of what you missed.

Families who brought their picnics with them showed great initiative in providing themselves with cover and protection from the elements, from using one of the ‘cross country’ fences as a wind break and lowering their gazebos to the same height to beach windbreaks and small tents nothing was going to stop the people of Northampton enjoying themselves.

Weather didn’t stop the fun

The Mayor and Mayoress of Northampton, Roger and Jenny Conroy were there and clearly enjoying themselves getting out and about following their recent inauguration, and what a great year to be the mayor of Northampton.

I’ve said on previous occasions that the people of Northampton are independent minded if not bloody minded and a little bit of weather has not in the least put them off from having a party.

So well done to everyone who turned out and especially to all of those who provided the entertainment and services.