“No Leaflets Please” – Where Does It Leave Local Politicians?

Listening to Northampton and getting the message across

No Leaflets Please – Where Does It Leave Local Politicians?

Northampton Labour as part of “Listening to Northampton” and holding the Conservative controlled County Council and Borough Councils to account have been actively campaigning, canvassing and of course leafleting to inform people of local issues that impact on all of us.

One aspect that has been increasingly noticeable is the number of “No leaflets please” signs that has appeared on doors usually expanded to include canvassing, free newspapers and menus which of course leaves local political activists in the difficult position on the doorstep of do they post a leaflet through the door or not.

The question revolves around whether political leaflets should be classified alongside menus etc., or as something quite different.

Given the attitude of the residents who argue and complain as they have a right and are justified in saying that local politicians never contact them or let them know what is happening outside of an election period then I would argue that political leaflets should be posted through the door.

Opponents of such a policy will point to the fact that they believe all political leaflets are no more than propaganda which only ever ends up in the recycling bin without being read.

Those who produce and deliver the leaflets naturally talk of being in touch with the public and the information being necessary to keep the public informed and engaged with the system.

They are arguments that will always exist and so if when I and my colleagues continue to deliver the ‘Labour Rise’ then please take the time to read it before putting it in the bin.

Who knows you may even agree with some of the content.