Fear of Social Media – Why?

Only people who are interested in knowing your views read a Blog

Why the Fear of Social Media

It is interesting how social media and especially ‘blogs’ can engender fear and apprehension in people.

I’ve now published over 300 blogs some of which are very positive and others that in drawing attention to what people have said on and about issues that significantly impact on people across Northampton clearly won’t or haven’t been welcomed.

The problem of course is that some people across the whole spectrum of society start to become either obsessive readers and paranoid about the content of blogs to the extent that they will instead of taking it on the chin, look to prevent them being published at all.

It is the curse of social media that it is immediate and of course a bonus for the same reason in being capable of getting a message out and draw attention to issues that in the past may well have either been missed or at best only come to light when it’s too late to do anything about it.

It is interesting the value people put on blogs after all it isn’t as if they are international being read by millions of people,

which of course would be great.

The fact is blogs are only read by those who are interested in what the author has to say and the subjects and issues they are writing about and as such in the same way people can choose whether to listen to BBC or Independent radio, watch terrestrial or satellite TV channels or what paper to read they can choose not to read blogs

My view is to always attribute quotes from people in full wherever possible and link it to the issues that I believe reflect the views of or have an impact on the lives of the people in Northampton.

They are of course solely my own views and as such the content is only my opinion and not necessarily those of friends and colleagues either political or otherwise

If we don’t like it – Should we seek to gag it?

Sometimes of course it means that people who are quoted may feel uncomfortable, and I’m sure I’d feel the same if it was me in the firing line, as in the past it has been.

My approach was always to accept it as part and parcel of the role as an elected Councillor and before that as the public face of the RFU in Northampton and not to complain or whinge because providing it’s not untrue what is there to complain about.

I’m sure my blogs have caused discomfort to some people and to some extent where they address issues I think that if it has “rattled a few cages” in the political arena then that’s a good thing.

Where is becomes uncomfortable and people start to talk about taking action to stifle the content of blogs you have to ask the question,

Is it because of the blog or because they lack confidence in their own ability and are allowing emotions to take over?

The problem in public life of course is that criticism is a constant feature of putting your head above the parapet.

I’m sure by this time those reading this are wondering where it is going and why?

I can’t tell you that except to say I’ll probably need to tone down mentioning individuals in future blogs.