Support and Recognition of Police is Essential to Public Safety

Congratulations to all police staff

The recognition of police officers who face uncertainty every time they go on duty is another indication not only of their professionalism but the great value and regard that they are rightly held in by the majority of the public.

It is easy to see police as the ‘Mr Plod’ in the Noddy stories but most of us whilst not fully understanding the varied roles they perform in protecting the public certainly feel a great deal safer in knowing they are around.

We all of course want to see or at least would like to see a return of the mythical  ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ local policeman who will chase down the dastardly criminals on foot who will immediately hold their hands up and say “It’s a fair cop Gov”

Unfortunately modern-day perpetrators have electronic communications and vehicles, so police on a bike working in isolation is neither practical or efficient.

Which is why it is necessary to fight the massive 20% cuts in police funding that is being imposed on an already stretched service and why it is important to recognise those police officers who go well beyond what would normally be expected of them in protecting us.

Cop rewarded for catching attackers of murdered schoolboy at annual awards – Crime – Northampton Chronicle and Echo.