Public Anger at Police Cuts is Justified

Northampton Labour “Listening to Northampton”

Public Anger at Police Cuts is Justified

Last week Theresa May MP the Home Secretary as many people know attended the  Police Federation Conference and it came as no surprise to those who have been following the issue of the draconian £1 in every £5 cuts to policing funding that for the first time a Conservative Home Secretary was barracked by the police representatives.

Conservative – Liberal Democrat Policing Policy is harming the public

The fact that Theresa May MP said that “they were not picking on the Police” is of course probably true.

They are in fact “picking on everyone” with the exception of their already wealthy friends.

From nurses and doctors in the NHS, the Police, the Fire Service, Pensioners, Teachers and Youth et al are all being treated as if they are not worth being listened to and are being demonized as part of the Government’s commitment to what has been proved to be the Conservative – Liberal Democrats failing economic policy.

The total lack of understanding or more importantly the refusal to even try to understand the Police concerns is symptomatic of the Conservatives attitude not only in Westminster but also in Northampton and Northamptonshire.

“We will stand by you” has historically and remains the position the Conservatives try to portray to the public and the 20% cuts in police funding won’t according to them have any “significant effect on front line policing”.

Conservative breaking another promise on Law and Order, and Public Safety

It is a view that was also expressed by the Conservative Leaders of the Borough and County Council when they cut funding to the Northamptonshire Police.

What is staggering is that they are convinced that people are so unintelligent that they believe it.

Last Saturday (19th May) Northampton Labour was out in force in Northampton Town Centre ‘Listening to Northampton’ and campaigning against the Police Cuts as part of our ‘Public Safety’ campaign.

The most common conversation was along the lines of,

“We can put up with a lot but we can’t do without police”

This cuts were exacerbated as far as the people of Northampton expressed by the streetlights being switched off making their neighbourhoods unsafe, and the rise in violent crime that they blame full square on those who cut funding to police, not only the Government but also the Northampton Borough Council and the County Council who imposed massive cuts to policing in this year’s budget.

People are genuinely angry at the cuts and the anger will be increased if and when crimes against the elderly and vulnerable are highlighted, as they surely will be, in the local media.

We will then no doubt have the Council administrations and MPs calling foul and protesting that the media are biased against them, which of course is the cry of those who know they are on the wrong ‘Track’ but refuse to recognise it.

People in Northampton on Saturday were scathing not only about the police cuts and streetlights but also took the opportunity to express their concerns about changes to the Health Service, the level of refuse collections and increase in fly tipping, and unemployment especially among the young.

Northampton people are angry that they are being ignored by the Conservative controlled Councils who seem intent on using their time in office to reward themselves and deliver pet projects rather than spend tax payer’s money on essential front line services to the most vulnerable and police.

Public Support for Northampton Labour Policy opposing Conservative Police Cuts

Northampton Labour is not only prepared but are actually ‘Listening to Northampton’ and will continue to support hard-working people and fight to protect and enhance the services across the Borough for everyone not only the favoured few.

Anger at cuts to police and other essential front line services is justified and as we saw in the recent Local Elections people are not fooled by those who choose to replace real policies with a marketing and public relations strategy.

Labour will continue to “Listen to Northampton”