“Chugger” Issue Could It Backfire?

Chugger issue shouldn't be over egged.

“Chugger” Issue Could Back fire

The issue of the public being accosted by people working for some, and it has to be stressed some Charity organisations and who are overzealous in their approach is one that whilst it needs to be addressed has to be approached very carefully.

It is all well and good the administration at the Guildhall talking about ASBO’s and setting about taking a strong approach to what has become called ‘chuggers’ and shouting about how they are making life for visitors to the town centre miserable but have they really thought it through?

To start with whilst they may think it’s great to be on the front page, radio and television talking about the issue have they thought about the impact on those who we want to come to Northampton.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential visitor who hears that Northampton Town Centre is apparently overrun with ’chuggers’ who will harass and torment you throughout your visit – Would you still consider coming to the town or instead choose to go South to Milton Keynes, or East to Peterborough or even North to Leicester.

All cities that have the same issues but whose Councils have gone about resolving the issue in a quiet and professional way.

That isn’t to say the issue doesn’t have to be addressed but would we go to the national media and broadcast that we have increasing begging by rough sleepers and homeless people, or that some areas of the town are very dark because of the lack of street lighting so please check for your own safety the area of the town you’re visiting you intend to come to Northampton.

and then say Welcome to Northampton,

of course we wouldn’t.

The fact is there are already the policies available to prevent chuggers from harassing the public so instead of looking for a headline perhaps the administration should concentrate on doing their job and making Northampton Town Centre a more pleasant place to visit.