Coalitions failing policies – Will They Ever Listen or Understand?

Government attitude - "Is it doesn't affect us" What crisis?

Unemployment is a symptom of failed policies.

With the country now officially back into recession, something that most hard-working people already knew from their own personal experiences even the Coalition Liberal Democrat – Conservative are having to admit that the Country is in crisis.

(At least you would think so.)

Unfortunately for the vast majority of the population and especially in places like Northampton all we are getting from George Osborne and David Cameron (or as Nadine Dorries calls them the “two little rich boys”, something I’ve fortunately never been accused of being but have had it suggested to me the Borough Council has an equivalent?) is that we’re all in this together and there will be no change of the economic policy that has plunged us back into recession.

Conservative and Liberal Democrat political dogma has wrecked economic growth.

The latest information showing that the number of men who now are unemployed in Northampton has gone up by almost 10% to over 4200 is a real indication of the impact of the failing economy and when the number of women unemployed is added it brings the total to over 6,200.

What an indictment of the coalition Governments policies – the highest level of unemployment amongst working women (2,000) for over 18 years.

These are not only statistics but real families, real people facing a bleak and in some cases desolate future with no foreseeable opportunity of employment.

It is why the Enterprise Zone is so important to Northampton with the Borough Council promising to deliver over 7,000 jobs in the next few years which if delivered will go a long way towards providing employment and training opportunities.

It is encouraging that Brian Binley MP for Northampton South recognises the need to create growth in the economy which is of course what Labour have been calling for, the shame is that he continues to support the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Government policies while making bold statements about how he is standing up for the people in Northampton.

In fairness to Brian Binley MP at least he is doing that in contrast to the silence from Michael Ellis MP and Andrea Leadsom MP Northampton’s other Conservative Members of Parliament.

The biggest and saddest aspect of the country now falling back into a ‘double-dip’ recession with the national debt having risen well above £1000 million equivalent to over £40,000 for every man, woman and child in the UK is the impact is having not only on families but on over one million young unemployed people.

It is a clear indication that the coalition Government and especially its leaders David Cameron for the Conservatives and Nick Clegg for the Liberal Democrats are completely out of touch with ordinary hard-working people and driven by a political dogma and economic policy that the vast majority of experts admit isn’t working and isn’t likely to work in promoting growth.

In amongst all of this what we are seeing is a Government who seem to think the ‘reform of the House of Lords’ is a priority all against the background of the Leveson enquiry that day by day appears to be revealing a number of MPs current and past who are inextricably linked with underhand and sleazy methods working with the media.

Labour is continuing to meet, talk with and listen to the people not only in Northampton but up and down the country in contrast to the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats who avoid, talk at and ignore the people.