Labour Understand the Value of Listening to Northampton

The Value of Listening – Danger of Ignoring

On the third Saturday every month I along with Labour party supporters join together in Abington Street to talk to the people of Northampton and more importantly to listen to what people have to say on a whole range of issues affecting their everyday lives.

Labour is "Listening to Northampton"

Yesterday morning (Saturday 21 April) one of the main issues that was raised wasn’t about whether the existing bus station should be demolished and a new one built on the Fishmarket site but about not being given the opportunity to ask questions and get answers and explanations from the Borough Council.

It was interesting that at the same time we were meeting and listening to the people in Northampton it is reported that the Leader of the Borough Council along with officers from the County Council were giving what was called a “very slick” presentation to 15 members of the bus users group.

Which brings me back to yesterday’s discussions in the Northampton Town centre where in just over an hour over 200 people signed a petition supporting our call for an open public meeting.

On Monday night the Northampton Labour group has tabled a motion asking that a public open meeting be held on a Saturday to give people the opportunity to attend a presentation and have their questions and concerns answered.

I would hope that it will meet with a positive response.

Northampton people have stong opinions and will not be ignored

It demonstrates again why listening to the people of Northampton in demonstrating that it is the people who are most important and not those who see political position and power as a self -serving means of supplementing their income at the tax payers’ expense.

It was clear in listening to people that they know and want Northampton to be a great place to live and work and accept that there has to be changes to bring it about, what they don’t like is being ignored and dictated to without being listened to.

Labour are listening, I hope that the Conservatives will demonstrate in accepting our motion on Monday night that they are prepared to move away from their strategy of ignoring the public and also start to listen.

We’ll know by 10 o’clock Monday night if they are.