Northampton Labour Opposition to Stock Transfer – Lee Mason Leader of Labour Group

Northampton Labour are opposed to 'Large Scale Transfer' of Council Housing

Northampton Borough Labour Group are opposed to “Large Scale Stock Transfer” and believe that the Conservatives “open and fair consultation” is flawed following the Leader of the Council, Cllr David Mackintosh stating that “we believe transfer of Council Housing is the way forward”.

Labour will be urging tenants to use their vote to 'Vote No' to the transfer


Northampton Labour Group

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At full Council on Monday Labour will be keeping up its questioning on Tory plans for the future of our Council Houses. Labour is opposed to full-scale stock transfer of the town’s council housing.

The Tories argue that our Council houses need investment that’s why stock transfer is necessary. However, Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Les Marriott points out that half already meet the Decent Homes Standard and therefore will be asking the question why these houses need to be included in their plans for local voluntary stock transfer.

Cllr Lee Mason will also be raising the issue of sheltered housing at the full council meeting and urges to the Tories to keep their manifesto promise and keep it under the control of Northampton Borough Council. Recently the Tories have been vague on whether they will keep this promise.

Whilst Labour welcomes the opportunity to debate the future of council housing enabled by the Liberal Democrat motion at the next full Council meeting; the Labour Group believes this is entirely “opportunist” as history shows their period in office did little to defend council housing.  This is just some of the things the Lib Dems did and didn’t do.

1) Closed the Kingsthorpe Housing Office

2) Closed the Weston Favell Housing Office

3) Put forward a flawed Housing PFI bid in Eastfield

4) Failed to address the need to reach the Decent Homes Standard

5) Did not clamp down on Houses in Multiple Occupancy

These failures impacted on some of the most vulnerable in our town but yet the Lib Dems hope the people of Northampton have long forgotten this!

Cllr Lee Mason, Northampton Labour Group Leader, says

“Housing was actually one of the worst performing areas for the last Lib Dem administration as they went from one blunder after the other.  For instance, remember how in 2008 when they admitted it would take 29 years to deal with asbestos problems? This Lib Dem motion saying they oppose stock transfer is about trying to reverse the huge damage to housing when they were in charge.  Only Northampton Labour can be trusted with council housing!”