Credit Union Press Release – Cllr Lee Mason

Councillor Lee Mason, the Leader of the Northampton Borough Council Labour Group has released the following press release which is of increasing importance as the Governments economic policies start to damage hard-working people.

Northampton Labour Group

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The Importance Of A Credible

Credit Union

At the next full Council meeting, Northampton Labour Group will be highlighting the importance of promoting credible credit unions to local people.

Many people and families in Northampton and beyond fall prey to loan sharks and aggressive marketing from Pay Day Loan Companies.  So Northampton Labour Group has submitted a motion to the full Council meeting next week urging Cabinet members to do a lot more to promote the Northampton Credit Union (NCU).

Northampton Credit Union offers ordinary people who are on low incomes the opportunity to apply for affordable small loans.  The Delta Loans Scheme is designed to help people who struggle to get affordable loans from the usual financial providers and might be tempted to rely on doorstep lenders or loan sharks to cover unforeseen expenses such as replacing essential appliances like washing machines.

Cllr Lee Mason, Leader of Northampton Labour Group, says

“In these difficult times ordinary people are finding it very difficult to obtain credit to pay for essentials like school uniforms and car maintenance.  Most banks are still very reluctant to loan families the necessary funds.  This means that some people in turn have approached loan sharks and pay-day loan companies and got themselves into a lot of trouble.  We want the Cabinet to do more to help these financially vulnerable people by promoting Northampton Credit Union.”