Sometimes all you can do is Smile

UPDATE 18 April 2012 Good news for the young people of Bellinge and Little and Great Billing. The ‘taking them away team’ have removed the old goalposts making the field available again.


Goalposts in Bellinge have been doubled?

Some months ago I asked for the goalposts on the Bellinge Field off of Fishponds Road, Little Billing to be replaced because they had corroded through.

Subsequently I received notification that the existing “square cross-section” posts had been surveyed and would be replaced.

To the credit of the Borough Council a replacement set of goal posts has been sourced and installed.

I’m sure I don’t need to point out the obvious problem that the photographs spectacularly highlight.

Barney - "Are you sure you're the thinking animals"?

It has brought an ironic “what do you expect”, smile to all of the dog walkers I meet daily and even Barney is confused.

Still, the sun is shining and I suppose I can claim to have doubled the number of goalposts in the Billing Ward!!!