We were wrong to turn off speed cameras – Local – Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph

What is the price for the safety of the public?

The loss of life on our roads is a tragedy for those who know the people whose lives have ended prematurely but most important for those who have been left behind and who will now have to learn to live without them.

It is very sad that local politicians have jumped on the band wagon seeking to turn the tragedy into political advantage by either pointing the finger at those who should have by their own admission raised their concerns and objected to the switch off at the time, or are now trying to distance themselves from the decision, though it is hard to belive that they weren’t as the people with responsibility for the road network involved in the decision.

Sadly as we have seen elsewhere decisions that affect the safety of the public such as switching off streetlights and cutting police funding are and continue to be taken without any regard for the impact on people and it is only when things demonstrably go wrong that there is a sudden rush to market a “nothing to do with me” PR exercise.

I just hope that those who are left behind are able to find some kind of solace and peace.

We were wrong to turn off speed cameras – Local – Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph.