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Fountain turned off because of hosepipe ban – despite using no mains water – Local – Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Will decision to "lead by example" in switching off re-circulating fountain lead to downfall of Northampton In Bloom?

There is some discussion about the switching off of the “Town Centre Fountain” and especially around the fact that the water in it is recycled.

What no-one seems to have picked up on is the impact of the water ban on the prospects of Northampton In Bloom achieving the same level of Gold Award success it achieved in 2010 and 2011 which was a great tribute to the town and all of those who worked towards presenting the town in its very best light, and it was only the failure of the County Council highway verges that prevented even greater recognition.

The question is whether this another knee jerk PR decision that may come back to bite them now that the Guildhall leadership has said that switching the fountain off is necessary to set a good example.

Will they also now be setting the same example by not watering the flower stands and baskets as part of the Northampton in Bloom?

Will the decision to turn off the fountain turn out to be another PR blunder?

It may be that in taking a hasty decision over the fountain the Leader of the Council has put Northampton in a position where they can’t reasonably compete in the 2012 “In Bloom” competition which would be a great shame during a summer where we are hosting the Olympic Torch and involved in the Queens Diamond Jubilee, and have the Safari Display.

It will be really regrettable if in taking a hasty decision for a headline the rest of the town and people of Northampton has to suffer.

Fountain turned off because of hosepipe ban – despite using no mains water – Local – Northampton Chronicle and Echo.


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