Scared or Simply Out of Touch

Scared or Simply Out of Touch Only the Conservative Leader of the Council Councillor David Mackintosh can answer the question as to whether his refusal to call and attend an Open Public meeting to discuss the Bus Station relocation is because he is scared of facing the public. What is becoming increasingly clear is that…Read more »

Coalitions failing policies – Will They Ever Listen or Understand?

Unemployment is a symptom of failed policies. With the country now officially back into recession, something that most hard-working people already knew from their own personal experiences even the Coalition Liberal Democrat – Conservative are having to admit that the Country is in crisis. (At least you would think so.) Unfortunately for the vast majority…Read more »

Northampton Conservatives – Reverse Opposition to Planning Policy

Northampton Conservatives – Reverse Opposition to Planning Policy I have written a number of blogs outlining the really serious issues arising from the unpopular and controversial National Planning Proposal Framework (NPPF) and the impact it will have on the development of large-scale housing developments not only within the Borough but more essentially on the perimeter…Read more »