What Money and Power Allows!!!

There is no such thing as a "Free Lunch", unless you're a big donor?

What Money and Power Allows

The issue of the dinner parties for the rich and powerful who donated to the Conservative party will undoubtedly see an increase in the calls for a public enquiry.

What has been really interesting in the last week or so has been the number of friends of the Conservatives and David Cameron who have suddenly not only started to distance themselves from them but have without any sense of irony started to question their honesty and his judgement.

The first out of the tracks following the PR disaster called the budget has been the Liberal Democrats and we have been treated, if that is the right description, with a progression of Liberal Democrat MP’s claiming that everything that was good in the budget was a Liberal Democrat manifesto pledge and everything unpopular including the Granny Tax and cuts to Higher Rate Tax for the rich was down to the Conservatives.


Is this the Liberal Democrats version of “we’re all in this together”?

It smacks of the kind of role reversal you would expect to see in Absolutely Fabulous with the “parent”, the Conservatives being chastised by the “child”, the Liberal Democrats.

“Please, please make us look good”

Or it may be that the minority Liberal Democrats are really calling the shots which certainly the impression is given by Danny Alexander Lib Dem MP on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday morning.

There are now serious questions being asked about the Prime Ministers personal friendships and judgement

The revelation from Mr Cruddas of course has now once again, whatever the outcome, damaged the reputation of MP’s and the political system, it has also called in to question the personal judgment of the Prime Minister following his previous endorsement and friendship with Andy Coulson, Emma Harrison and Rebekah Brooks.

It is ironic that Ms Brook’s former employer Rupert Murdoch the News Corp chairman is reported as having said “What was Cameron thinking? No-one, rightly or wrongly will believe his story”.

Given the past activities of Mr Murdoch’s organisation and the “frank, open and honest “ way he and his employees answered questions around their activities at the News Corporation you could take his comments as a positive after all who knows more than he that  “No-one, rightly or wrongly will believe his story”.

The whole debate raises again the influence and attitude of those who are rich and powerful, some of who appear to believe they can do whatever they like safe in the knowledge of the size of their bank accounts without really thinking things through.

Is the Government and Westminster now going to be engulfed in another round of "sleaze"?

What the latest revelations and allegations have done is to raise the spectre that the Conservatives have tried for many years to shake off, the image of the rich man’s party hidden behind claims that it is all done to boost the economy with rich people getting richer at the expense of the majority and the sacrifice of millions on the scrap-heap of unemployment.

The most damaging impact of course is that 10 Downing Street and Westminster is now spiralling down the path of being the heart of “Government sleaze”.

If it continues then there is no doubt the Conservative party will show their true colours which will make the comments of Brian Binley the Conservative MP for Northampton South of the coalition Government acting like “sleazy second hand car salesmen” appear to be much more than an understatement.

So much for the honest politics promised following the MP expenses debacle?