PCSO Cuts – Reckless Decision Puts Public Safety at Risk

Is this what people voted for?

PCSO Cuts – Reckless Decision Puts Public Safety at Risk

The real cost of the reckless decision taken by both the Northamptonshire County Council and Northampton Borough Council Conservatives to cut funding for Police Community Support Officers will be seen in a neighbourhood near you very soon.

I have it on good authority that up to thirty PCSO’s are being interviewed this week for seventeen posts a cut of thirteen posts which is all down to your elected Conservative Councillors.

Ironically after complaining about the lack of funding for the police and like Oliver Twist asking for more the Northampton South MP has been notably silent, even more ironic is that on his last leaflet he was keen to pose for a photograph with one of the PCSO’s now under threat of redundancy.

In the Billing Ward that I represent the people have always supported our PCSO and in return he has established his role in championing the community and building up a very high level of trust that allows policing not only be consent and a resulting reduction in anti-social behaviour but also in the development of intelligence led policing.

All of which will be lost if he is made redundant and in fact may be lost anyway when PCSO’s are cut by over 45%.

It is a decision along with cutting CCTV monitoring and the switching off of streetlights that is unfathomable in its concept and implementation and is a backward step.

Cutting public safety funding at a time when people are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table is quite simply crazy and is a reversal of the policy that prevention is better than detection after the event when there is a victim, and it is cheaper which is why Labour put forward fully costed and funded alternatives to not only maintain public safety but to actually increase it.

As the public’s fear of crime increases alongside the forecasted rise in crime and anti-social behaviour due to the added strain on the police from the Government’s 20% cut in funding who will get the blame?

It certainly should not be the police but those who have decided that public safety will have to be rationed which alongside the changes that the Health Reforms will bring seems to be the theme of the coalition Liberal Democrat – Conservative administrations.

A theme that is based on cutting funding to essential front line services and rationing what is left, a very simple, “Do Less with Less” as opposed to their mantra of “Do More With Less”.

On the bright side “we’re still all in this together”!!!!!

With a few exceptions of course.