St Crispin’s Street Fair would be a welcome return to Northampton

St Crispin Street Fair will be a great lead in to Christmas

St Crispin’s Street Fair

I’m delighted that Terry Wire the Chief Whip for the labour Group on the Northampton Borough Council has announced that Labour will be putting a motion to the next full council meeting in April calling for the return of the St Crispin Fair.

There is no question that the fair was very popular with the public and was a great loss in 2005 when the Borough Council withdrew its support, and yes before anyone calls me a hypocrite I was in the Cabinet who decided to cut funding for it.

The suggestion of course was that it was cut purely on financial grounds but there was a number of other concerns and issues that contributed to the decision which made sense at the time and which clearly are no longer a concern to those in today’s administration who were a party to the position taken in 2005.

That said it was a fair and that was well-loved and supported by the public and has been a great loss to Northampton.

It is very good news that having announced the intention to call for its restoration the Borough Labour Group are now supported by the Conservative administration who apparently have been working on this for some time!!

They would perhaps be believed if they had shared the calendar of events planned for this year which has apparently been shared with the Northampton Conservative Councillors but under threat that they have to keep it to themselves because if it got out it would affect their PR strategy.

I look forward to getting a copy of the plan which was asked for last week and which I’ll publish on a future blog and put it into the public domain working on the principle that any funding support of events is only possible by using taxpayers money so the public should know what is happening and how much it costs.

Even more exciting I look forward to seeing the return of the St Crispin’s Fair in October which will be a great start to the lead up to the Christmas period and in Tuesday’s local paper the result of a survey shows that 90% of people support the call for its return.

St Crispin’s Street Fair could return to Northampton’s town centre – News – Northampton Chronicle and Echo.