This is a reblog update of one calling for a public debate to give the residents of Northampton an opportunity to be listened to

David Palethorpe

Bus Station Issue Needs to be Resolved

Conservatives should hold a Public Meeting


Conservatives Bow to pressure and agree to hold a series of public debates.

I was accused last week of being “well of the mark” with the original blog in which I suggest that an on-line debate no matter how well run can never be as good as a face to face debate with the public.

At the Northampton Borough Council meeting tonight 12th March the Conservatives agreed to hold a “series of public debates” to give the public a chance to raise their questions with the Cabinet face to face.

It will now be for those who have strong opinions on the regeneration of the Bus Station whether for or against to take the opportunity once the dates of the debates are known to attend and make sure they are listened to and not ignored.


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