Sheltered Housing Safety – A simple solution

Sheltered Housing safety is being ignored by the Conservatives

Sheltered Housing Safety – A simple solution

The decision taken by the Conservative NCC Cabinet Member responsible, Cllr Andre Gonzalez to switch off the streetlights across Northampton including the sheltered housing areas affecting over 2000 tenants and the failure of the Conservative Borough Council to oppose the decision is now well-known.

Having decided to vote against the Northampton Borough Council Labour proposals to invest £150,000 to switch the streetlights back on in the Towns Sheltered Housing areas I have come up with a solution that will give the Borough Conservatives the chance to prove that they really do support the elderly and vulnerable.

Clearly the problem is that the towns elderly who live in sheltered housing feel increasingly vulnerable because the streetlights have been switched off, a no better example being in Trussel Road, Great Billing where homes have had ramps and handrails fitted to make it safe and easy for the residents to access their homes only to have the street light that light up their entrance switched off.

It was always a crazy, nonsensical and avoidable decision which the residents were not consulted on.

So here is a solution.

At the Borough Council Budget meeting last week the Conservatives voted to award themselves £3,000 each of taxpayers’ money to spend on whatever they want in “the community”, that’s a total of £75,000 of yours, the taxpayer’s money.

Simple solution to provide safety of the elderly and vulnerable

The cost of purchasing 2,000 PIR external entrance lights would be £50,000 and if they were installed by the Council Housing department paid for from the £1 Million they intend to spend on a consultation to confirm the decision to transfer sheltered housing that has already been taken then our elderly and vulnerable would once again feel safe.

A simple solution that could be implemented and installed by the end of May and which would still leave the Conservative Borough Councillors with £1,000 of taxpayers money to spend on pet projects.

Conservatives have talked the talk,

It is over to them

to Walk the Walk.