Theresa May Approach to High Profile Deportation is Cynical and proves Government Weakness on Crime

Government UKBA Policy is Failing

Governments Approach to High Profile Deportation is Cynical

I have in the past raised the issue of the now Government admitted, ineffectiveness of the UK Border and Immigration Agency who have either been unable or unwilling to deport foreign national prisoner when they have completed their sentences at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

There are other reasons for the delay in deporting foreign national prisoners amongst which are the issues around the use of the Human Rights Legislation to delay deportation or in most cases to prevent it altogether allowing offenders to remain in the United Kingdom permanently, many of who go on to re-offend.

Will the Home Secretary back down over prisoner deportation policy

It is why the sheer cynical attitude taken by David Cameron and Theresa May MP the Home Secretary over the deportation of Abu Qatada, with Mrs May charging off to Jordan to elicit guarantees that if returned he won’t be tortured and will be given a fair trial which makes me and so many others angry.

A Promise from David Cameron - Time To Deliver

It is a fact that of the 82,000 prisoners currently in custody over 12,000 are foreign national prisoners costing the nation over £500 million, that’s half a billion pounds a year and at least double that it in dealing with the results of their crimes from the damage caused to the victims through the police in having to deploy resources in detecting and catching them to the cost and time to process the offenders through the courts.

No-one or at least no-one with any sense of fair play can disagree that Abu Qatada    should be deported to face the consequences of his actions, but once the high-profile, look at how tough I am approach to this issue has been completed will we see Mrs May taking the same tough approach over the other 12,000 who should also be deported.

Or will we see a return to the “We can’t do anything about it” avoidance approach the Government have adopted to date?

Only time will tell but I suspect we all know what will happen?