Northampton – Come on – Show some Enterprise

Street Displays really enhance Northampton

Northampton – Come on – Show some Enterprise

Last week I published a blog on why we should celebrate the people who were born in Northampton and who from famous sportspeople to scientists, musicians to actors and hereditary freemen who have brought pride to the town over generations.

The latest display along Abington Street and in front of All Saints could be the start of an almost permanent outside gallery celebrating all that is good in Northampton and the County if only the towns’ leaders would show some enterprise.

Street performers in front of All Saints is a great idea

Northampton Borough Council, Northamptonshire County Council, MPs, and the Theatres working with the Arts Collective, Business and Voluntary sector should get together and really develop a programme of celebration especially in the year that we will receive a visit, all be it fleeting, from the Olympic Torch and in the year of the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

It is an opportunity to promote Northampton which given the current economic recession is sorely needed by the businesses in the town and at the same time attract new enterprises bringing with them much-needed employment for those suffering financial hardship which looks increasingly as if it is going to get worse before it gets better unless the Government change course.

Empty Car Parks will damage the Town

The evidence from the car parking information is that between October last year and the end of January this year fewer car parking tickets (not penalty tickets, a decrease in the number of people using the Borough Council car parks) were issued, an indication, except for December, that Northampton is still not seen as a destination of choice and if action is not taken will see an increase in empty car parks as people look to go elsewhere.

It will only be when people believe that Northampton is really committed to being a place that is clean, friendly and safe that we will see an increase in people visiting it.

There is no better time for the organisations to work with the excellent and committed business community and others to promote Northampton.

So come on – take the lead, get together and as the Nike advert says

“Go For It”

I’m sure that such an approach would get all political party support at the Guildhall and across the town.