Brian Binley MP – A Decent Man Who Will Pay the Price for Speaking Up

Brian Binley MP & George Osbourne - When We Were Friends?

There is no doubt whatever else anyone thinks about Brian Binley you can’t help liking him for the straight forward bloke he has always been but I doubt if the Conservative Leadership and their coalition Liberal Democrat friends will agree.

It will be interesting to see how many, if any of the Northamptonshire MPs who present themselves as”independently minded men and women of the people” or local politicians and especially the councillors who have ambition to replace him at the next General Election will stand up and support him?

Brian Binley MP - May now find out who his real friends are?

From experience I suspect that he’ll now find that political friends suddenly are noticed more for their absence than support and sadly Brian who is a decent man will be ostracised for speaking up.

Tory MP Brian Binley says Prime Minister should “get a grip” and claims Government is like “a shady, back-street second-hand car dealership” – Local – Northampton Chronicle & Echo.