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Northamptonshire Police could defer decision to axe 20 police officers and five PCSOs

Well done to those on the police authority who opposed the Council cuts and put the public interest first

After all of the concern and anger that has been generated by the Conservative controlled County and Borough Councils cuts in police funding on top of the Governments 20% cut in funding it is great to see the independents and opposition party members of the Northamptonshire Police Authority putting the safety of the public first.

Whoever the new Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner is following the election in November I hope they invite the independents on the current Police Authority to join them in delivering the service the people of Northampton and Northamptonshire need and deserve free from the disgraceful political maneuvering and gerrymandering we have seen over the past 8 years.

Well done those who have stood up for the public interest, shame on those who didn’t.


Northamptonshire Police could defer decision to axe 20 police officers and five PCSOs – Crime – Northampton Chronicle & Echo.


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