Victory for Homes for Heroes in Northampton.

Iconic picture of Heroes on the "Yomp" from 30 years ago - They deserved a home having served

A Victory for Homes for Heroes in Northampton.

On Tuesday I posted a blog outlining why Northampton Borough Council should prioritize homes for ex-service men and women on their discharge from the services.

I was really pleased to have been invited onto the BBC Northampton morning programme to discuss the issue and that Cllr David Mackintosh the Leader of the Borough Council was also on the programme.

There is clearly a need to prioritize ex-servicemen at the highest possible level not only those with children but also single men and women who having served the country in the most extreme of circumstances need to have the security of a home to allow them the best chance of resettling into civilian life.

Many ex-services have a number of issues to face from the extreme of having post-traumatic stress, something that may take years before the symptoms show to families having to adjust to living permanently together with the service person no longer having the “services family and support” that comrades in arms provide.

Ex servicemen and women need the security of a home for them and their families to build a new future

A home is essential to provide the base where ex-services can receive the support they may need.

I’m sure that the vast majority of people supported my call for ex-servicemen and women to be prioritized not only for a place on the housing waiting list register but to be provided with the keys to a home.

It was excellent news to the Armed Services charities who as was pointed out by the SSAFA spokesman can help people with all manner of support but not provide a home to hear Cllr Mackintosh promise that he will ensure that ex-service personnel will be given the priority and that he will ratify at a Cabinet meeting in June.

Northampton Borough Council promise to provide keys to homes is a Victory for ex-services

There is still a long way to go and a great deal to be done to support our armed forces; this is a great start and a victory for common senses and meeting our responsibilities to those who serve.

Thanks should go to Northampton Labour and all of those who supported Homes for Heroes especially ex-services associations and BBC Northampton who brought the issue to a wider audience across the county and demonstrates again the real value of local radio.