From Arrogant, High Handed and Self Serving to Sleazy Second Hand Car Salesmen Doing a Deal?

County and Borough Administrations put self first

From Arrogant, High Handed and Self Serving to Sleazy Second Hand Car Salesmen Doing a Deal?

I was roundly castigated last year by some Conservatives for accusing the Northamptonshire County Council of being arrogant, high-handed and self-serving.

Their defence against the criticism being that they were in touch with what the public wanted and as Cllr Mackintosh the Leader of the Borough Council and NCC Cabinet member at the time said “Cllr Palethorpe doesn’t understand the problems we are facing”.

We now come to the current situation and what the Chronicle & Echo and Local Media have called the absolute farce at the budget meeting of the Northamptonshire Police Authority that took place this week.

We have made a decision - You will agree - Or Else!

If ever there was evidence of the County Council Conservative members on the Police Authority taking not only a high-handed but in my view a bullying self-serving approach and attitude it was there for everyone to see when to get their own way they effectively held not only the police authority but the people of Northamptonshire to ransom.

There may be some who would wish to challenge why the Conservative members who are also those who made the decision to cut funding to the police felt they didn’t have a prejudicial interest in voting as members of the police authority to accept the cuts.

How could they do otherwise?

but was it really to benefit the public or to support their misguided policy which I hope a future Labour administration will reverse once this totally discredited and incompetent Conservative Leadership is removed.

The reality is that the Chief Constable and police are now faced not only with the 20% cut in Central Government funding, leading to over 16,000 police officers being removed across England but also with the additional cuts to funding from the Conservative led County Council, (a betrayal of a promise made in their 2005 manifesto to fund policing) and supported by the Conservatives on the Northampton Borough Council.

Public safety put at risk by Conservative cuts - Don't blame the Police

What makes the Conservatives position on this whole issue even more farcical is that during the summer they will be putting up a Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for the County who will almost certainly be declaring his/her/their total support for the police and outlining how they will increase policing on the ground.

What bets that we will hear the cry and promise to “Put More Feet on the Beat?”

How on earth can they expect anyone to believe that they are the party of law and order and especially if the Conservative candidate turns out to be a former Conservative Councillor Cabinet member who has been a part of decision to the cuts in funding to the police?

The sadness is that this is another reflection of the “Tough on Talk Weak on Support” policies and support for the police coming from the Prime Minister and Home Secretary, policies that have deteriorated to a point where David Cameron has resorted to the crazy idea of putting drunks in police cells.

For those who don’t know (which apparently the PM doesn’t) police cells are for those who are either being held on suspicion of committing a crime, for those waiting to go to court and because of the failing prison policies to keep convicted offenders in custody because the prisons are full to overflowing.

Who does the Prime Minister think is going to monitor the “drunks in cells”?

Clearly not the police officers who are facing redundancy so it would have to be serving police officers taken off of front line duties to provide a constant monitoring of those locked up, and they would need to be constantly monitored to avoid police being dragged in front of a coroner or courts if a Death in Custody occurs.

Conservative Leaders put self-interest before public interest over support for the police and public

Is there any wonder that even our local MP Brian Binley is now saying that the Government, particularly Mr Cameron and Mr Cable are like “sleazy used car salesmen doing a deal over a used car” except that it should be applied to the Leaders of the County and Borough Council where the used cars they are doing a deal over are “Public Safety and the future of Northampton”.

Leaders who our esteemed and it appears recently enlightened Member of Parliament supports.

Angry, Disillusioned, Frustrated, Confused?

You’re not alone.

Northamptonshire Police Authority meeting descends into farce as members struggle to agree budget – Crime – Northampton Chronicle & Echo.