Fun in the Snow – Billing Beauty

Fun in the snow on Billing Field

Fun in the Snow – Billing Beauty

Last Sunday saw Northampton covered as throughout the country with snow that brought people out to play and what was great to see is the number who reverted to childhood in making snowmen, (hope I won’t be persecuted for not calling them snow people?) and snow angels.

For those who don’t know what a snow angel is here are the instructions.

Snow Angels

“Lie flat on your back then slide your arms and legs away and back from the centre of the body a number of times then stand up – what you will see is the wings and skirt of the snow angel”

I live in the Billing Ward where we are fortunate to have not only rivers, lakes and open fields but also a long history and heritage.

I always find it interesting when I hear, as unfortunately I still do, people talk about the Eastern District in disparaging tones as if the new settlements of the 70’s brought with them a population who have all but destroyed Northampton and the countryside creating an area of vice and criminal activity.

Fantastic view along Billing Brook - Little Billing

Nothing of course could be further from the truth.

Those who live in Northampton East chose to come and live, work and raise their family in Northampton as I did and in choosing to live here have added a great deal to their communities and neighbourhoods.

Great Billing Church at its best

Of course as with all areas of the town there is a minority of people who have little regard or respect for anything or anybody, however they are a minority and the vast majority have respected the history and most importantly the environment in which they live and as the photos show there may be areas and views that are the equal to but I doubt if there is any that are better than in the Billing, Bellinge and Ecton Brook area.