Northampton Town Centre – Has to be a Priority

Regeneration has to be priority to avoid reaching a point of no return

I have written on a number of occasions about the need for the Northampton Borough Council to prioritise the Regeneration and Development of Northampton and the news that the town has the 5th highest number of closed and vacant shops in the East Midlands Region is not only an issue but should be ringing major alarm bells in the Guildhall and across the road in County Hall.

What is even more worrying for the County is that Corby is also in the top five, a blow to Northamptonshire and to all of the people who as a result now find themselves unemployed.

The impact of retail closures is not only on the individual shops themselves but also on the remaining businesses if a point is reached as is seen in some Northern Towns that people no longer go into the town centres.

It is the main reason that the Grosvenor Centre Development has to be supported and brought forward as soon as possible to provide a catalyst for retail businesses to relocate in Northampton.

It is also why the new 10,000 jobs promised by the award of the Waterside Enterprise Zone is essential if the regeneration of the town is going to be achieved.

These should be the over arching aims, ambitions and priority for both the Borough and County Council if we are to avoid reaching a stage in which Northampton reaches a point of terminal decline.

Empty shops still an issue for Northampton town centre – Local Businesses – Northampton Chronicle & Echo.