Northamptonshire Police to lift recruitment freeze- MP’s Comments are Disgraceful

Police are being penalised for failure of Government Policy

The comment by Brian Binley MP for Northampton South that the reduced police levels are an indication of a level of police incompetence are absolutely disgraceful and he should be thoroughly ashamed not only for his comments but for the Government policy that he supports.

It is disgraceful because it flies in the face of his previous calls for more funding for Northamptonshire Police and his consistent criticism of the Labour Governments funding policy when over the last two years it is his Conservative coalition Government who have not only underfunded the county police force but have actually cut it.

It is disgraceful because he has not uttered one word of opposition to the police funding cuts implemented by the Conservative Councils.

Instead of criticising the Chief Constable and police as incompetent he should be complimenting and giving them credit for delivering the service whilst under extreme pressure coming from the cuts in funding and making sure, unlike the Government and Conservative Councils, that they live within their means.

It is interesting that having provided the leadership and management to manage the service and budgets we now see them being penalised by the councils to justify their cuts in public safety funding in statements such as “the police have reserves and an underspend” and should therefore pick up the bill for the councils financial incompetence when they have hundreds of millions of punds of taxpayers money in their reserves.

Northamptonshire Police to lift recruitment freeze to address officer shortage – Crime – Northampton Chronicle & Echo.