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Northamptonshire Police lose 200 staff in 12 months – Crime – Northampton Chronicle & Echo

Chief Constable is facing unprecedented Government funding cuts

The headline apart this is a story that shows the police have been under a sustained funding attack from Central Government and have without complaint not “lost” but cut over 200 members of staff in the last year to make the books balance and at the same time deliver decreases in crime across a number of areas.

What it demonstrates even more clearly is the reason why the County Council and Borough Council should immediately reverse their cuts in funding to the police who have through good management been succesful in spite of the  Governments ill-advised policies.

It is time the Councils and Government stopped what amounts to a “tough on talk – week on support” policy that has now left the Northamptonshire Police working on the very edge of not being able to carry on delivering public safety and start to really listen to the publics concerns.

Northamptonshire Police lose 200 staff in 12 months – Crime – Northampton Chronicle & Echo.



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