Sadness or Hypocrisy of consultation over £28m budget cuts?

Council arrogant attitude of not being prepared to listen to the public

Why the Sadness – The Objective Has Been Achieved

I’ll start with a definition.

“a false or insincere display of emotion such as a hypocrite crying false tears of grief”

It is hypocritical for the Leader of the County Council no doubt soon to be followed by the Leader of the Borough Council to be crying crocodile tears over the poor turn out from the public to the “CONSULTATION” on this year’s budgets.

Cuts in services to the elderly were not open for consultation.

Hypocritical because we have been constantly told that the cuts in the supporting people budget that provides essential and critical front line services to the elderly and disabled were already agreed and in fact have been in part already implemented – Consultation Zero – Hypocrisy – 100%

Hypocritical because the cut’s to street lighting which is putting residents in fear of going out at night have already been implemented and lauded as a success in saving £2 million, in itself incredible when you think they tried to sell it as an environment protection policy – Consultation Zero – Hypocrisy – 100%

County and Borough Council cuts to PCSO's was not open for consultation

Hypocritical because the public have been told that the cuts to police funding and Police Community Support Officers threatening the success of the police force in recent years and undermining police officers confidence that the County and Borough Council really support them is going to happen whatever the public think – Consultation Zero – Hypocrisy 100%

Hypocritical because the cuts to community safety and CCTV are already being introduced – Consultation Zero – Hypocrisy 100%

Hypocritical because the cuts in concessionary non domestic rates which enables the voluntary sector to be able to deliver essential services is a foregone conclusion – Consultation Zero – Hypocrisy – 100%

Hypocritical because the cuts by the Northamptonshire County Council of support for the voluntary sector at a time when they will see a huge rise in the number of people asking for help because of the Councils cuts are already in place – Consultation Zero –

So the objective of both the County and Borough Councils have been achieved,

Massive and swingeing cuts to front line services and staffing delivering the services without taking into account what the taxpayer thinks.

Is there any wonder that the public have become so disinterested and distance from local politics, which of course is another of the Councils objectives hoping that the electorate will stay away from the polling booths in future elections rather than pass sentence on their arrogance and dictatorial attitude.

It is why the people of Northampton should make their voices heard in the only place where it matters – In Local Elections the next being May of 2013 when judgement on the irresponsible and incompetent County Council will give voters the opportunity to really make a difference.

Sadness – on the contrary I’ll bet the County and Borough Leaderships are laughing all the way to their comfortable offices and positions on Boards of Directors also funded by the Northampton taxpayer,

Give Conservative County Council a Red Card for failing to support front-line services

Time to show the Conservative County Council a Red Card?

Sadness as only 14 people attend meeting to discuss £28m budget cuts – Local – Northampton Chronicle & Echo.