Northamptonshire MP’s bid to tackle danger cyclists – Tough Talk?

I fully support the call to protect pedestrians from inconsiderate cyclists but find it ironic that both  cyclist and pedestrians  have been discriminated against and their safety endangered by the Conservative County Council switching the lights off on the County Cycle Ways and Footpaths something Mrs Leadsom has been singularly reluctant to comment on.

It will be very interesting to see if the MP’s for Northampton will comment if the current investigation into whether the County Cabinet responsible are found guilty of not having carried out a legally required and correct Equalities Impact Assessment on the decision before they took it.

Or comment on what it may well cost the taxpayers if those who have had an accident on unlit footpaths decide to sue the Council or even individual Councillors who made the decision if the outcome of the investigation goes against the County

Northamptonshire MP’s bid to tackle danger cyclists – Crime – Northampton Chronicle & Echo.