Car crime halved in past four years across Northamptonshire

Cuts to Police are not acceptable

The reported fall in crime across Northamptonshire is very welcome and demonstrates that the police have and continue to do a great job in protecting the public which begs the question,

Why oh why is the Northamptonshire Police Force being penalised by the Borough and County Councils for doing a good job and managing their budgets well just to see those who have failed, especially at the County over the past seven years to do the same.

Police need support to carry on their excellent work

But isn’t this symptomatic of the Government policies where those who have worked hard, paid their taxes and saved for the future are now being penalised by cuts in support to the elderly and disabled so they are having to spend their savings to get even the basic level of services they need and deserve.

High inflation, increasing national debt, wages and pensions cut in real terms and cuts to frontline services are affecting millions of people in Britain and especially on the vulnerable and elderly population across Northampton.

Crime levels are still to high and all national reports are indicating that it is increasing which is why I in company with many are calling for an increase in police support not a reduction.

Car crime halved in past four years across Northamptonshire – Crime – Northampton Chronicle & Echo.