Skate Park in Northampton delayed due to nearby redevelopment?

Will it really be World Class?

In spite of the administration promising that they are fully behind the development of a “World Class” skate park those who expected it to be up and running in the spring may well feel justified in being both sceptical and suspicious of the reasons given for the delays and more concerning to the public may well be how the decision came about with suggestions of nepotism between friends levelled at them by opposition members at the last council meeting.

What is interesting to those of us who have been involved in this project for some time is where the additional funding over and above the £250,000 already guaranteed is going to come from bearing in mind that it is less than a week since the Leader of the Council was justifying cutting essential front line services to the elderly and public safety because of a lack of funding.

A related issue will be whether the ‘new site’ will be able to be expanded to a size that will make it  a “World Class” venue which was the aim of the previously agreed phase one of the project and the infrastructure for its expansion being put in place for phase two.

This issue also raises real concerns about the commitment and viability of the proposed Midsummer Meadow Leisure Area Development.

Long-awaited skate park in Northampton delayed due to nearby redevelopment – Local – Northampton Chronicle & Echo.