Tell it to the 2.7 million – We’re building a fairer society

Do you believe them that they are building a fairer society? Fairer for who?

Tell it to the Victims – We are building a Fairer Society

We now almost expect a weekly speech from the leaders of the coalition Government extolling the only mantra they now have left in their locker that “We are building a fairer society” and who in their right mind would object to such a statement?

No-one – Unless of course it isn’t true which of course millions of people are finding out and who must listen to David Cameron and Nick Clegg with a sense of despair.

It is a despair coming from the fact that whatever anyone else thinks the Coalition Leaders really believe that they are doing well which is the greatest danger to people, more even than any policies or lack of policies – because it’s based on a blind ignorance or intentional ignoring of the impact their decisions are having on ordinary people throughout the UK.

Over 430,000 and increasing over 50's victims of unemployment

We have this week seen the level of unemployment reach 2,700,000 (it always looks smaller when written as 2.7 million) the highest level since 1994 and a figure that we all hoped would never be seen again after the problems of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

What is disturbing is that of the 2.7 million unemployed, 432,000 are those who are over 50 and this at a time when the Government are telling everyone they will have to work for longer to pay for their pension.

Perhaps even more worrying is that the number of young people who are now unemployed is 1,040,000 the highest level for over 19 years.

It is little comfort to those over 50’s to hear the Prime Minister saying as he did on the 19th January that “I’ve rolled my sleeves up and we’re doing everything we can to get the economy moving” especially when he must know that it is expected the economic report due at the end of January is going to show that the economic recovery is a myth and in fact Coalition UK is back into recession.

Is this going to be the inevitable impact of the Governments policies?

The impact of the Governments “recession creating policies” mean that it is not only unlikely but highly improbable that those over 50 will ever find a job that will pay anywhere near the salary they have just lost and that if they find a job at all.

This of course means that proud people who want to work will be reliant on the Welfare State which itself is being savagely cut by the same Government whose policies made them unemployed in the first place?

The reality for those unemployed is that full-time jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate and for the first time so are the number of part-time jobs where the number of 1.3 million in part-time employment is also at an all time high.

Are we going to see a return of food collections and food parcels to the “deserving poor”?

Is this the fairer society of the future?

In Northampton there is confident talk that the town is bucking the trend and of course we should all be pleased that the same level of unemployed as elsewhere is not seen in this area, but here’s some advice if you don’t want to be offended by the response,

“Don’t tell that to those who are looking for unemployment, who want to work, who need to work but cannot find work”

Youth unemployment at a record high and a generation lost to the economic growth of Britain

The impact of the “fairer society” is that the families of the unemployed and we should recognise, even if the Conservatives don’t, that the vast majority of over 50’s who are unemployed have families as have the 1,228,000 unemployed between the ages of 25 and 50.

The vast majority of these are not the lazy, the feckless or just downright slackers nor are they what used to be called “the undeserving poor” a term we are beginning to see return as those on benefits are being demonized by the Government in order to cover up the economic impact of their policies.

As always if you want to detract from your failings in politics you need a scapegoat and what better than to talk about a differentiation between “the deserving” and “the undeserving” that provides someone to blame, much like the “criminal classes” arguments of history.

In what he probably believed was a caring and understanding (call me Dave we’re all in this together) statement the Prime Minister has said that being unemployed is a “tragedy” for each of the victims which can cause “real difficulties” for their families,


What a choice of words from the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Well they are VICTIMS, VICTIMS of his policies, and where there is a VICTIM there is a PERPETRATOR of the crime who under normal circumstances is brought before the courts and held to account for the injuries inflicted on the VICTIM and sentenced to a period if serious enough to a custodial sentence.

Victims of failing economy will decide who remains in control of Councils and Government

The Conservatives are the PERPETRATORS – the public the VICTIMS and the courts are the forthcoming Local Elections, By –Elections and 2015 General Election where the VICTIMS will be able to impose their sentence on those in the Coalition Government.

A period out of control of the County Council, District Council and Westminster Halls may well be considered by the electorate as an appropriate custodial sentence.