Prime Minister should tell the USA – “No you can’t”

Prime Minister should stand up for British Citizens

Stand Up for British Citizens – “Say NO to the USA”

We have recently seen massive support from Conservative MP’s and Councillors, the media and public for the stand David Cameron took against the imposition as he and they saw it of the European Union interfering in the United Kingdoms sovereignty, and no doubt they will be revelling in France having their economy downgraded from a Triple A rating.

Which of course they are fully entitled to do in our democracy without giving any thought to the impact on business and employment in Britain of the downgrade of our European partners who provide the market for 40% of the UK’s  exports, which may be the subject of a future blog?

This is not about the European Community issues but about something that I venture to suggest many people in these islands would be very supportive of our Prime Minister if he stood up to the USA and told them that we were going to change the law and stop the extradition of Richard O’Dwyer to face charges in the United States of ‘listing’ sites where films and television programmes can be downloaded on his website.

Charges which could lead to Mr O’Dwyer facing up to 10 years in prison.

The most important point and facts in this whole story is that Richard O’Dwyer has not broken any UK or European Laws; he did not download any of the films or television shows involved so his crime is that he provided a list of where others could download them, a list of items that people could access themselves if they wanted to take the time.

I realise that a level of angst and approbation may come from those who will say that I am standing up for someone who is if not technically breaking the law but is through the provision of the list encouraging or even providing the information for others to commit an illegal act.

If the USA have a case bring it to be decided in British Courts

My argument is simple, Richard O’Dwyer hasn’t broken the Law and should not be extradited and if the United States Government thinks they have a case under international law then let them fund the case and hold it in the British Courts.

If David Cameron is really going to take on the heroic mantle and cape of standing up for British Sovereignty and the British Citizens then perhaps he should paraphrase President Obama’s election strap line “Yes We Can” by telling him that in this case the UK Prime Minister is saying “No You Can’t”


The views expressed are mine and not connected to any other organisation or individuals.

There is a petition that can be accessed by typing Richard O’Dwyer Petition on-line calling for a debate in Parliament on this issue.