Fishmarket Closure – Arts Collectives New Home

Arts Collective near to Derngate would be ideal

With all of the drama and concerns lately around the fire in Bridge Street and the closing down of businesses in the town centre the closure of the Fishmarket and the impact on where the Arts Collective are going to be located or even if they are going to continue to be supported has been somewhat forgotten.

In August last year a decision was taken to invest in bringing a Grade 2 listed building in Guildhall Road back to life for the use of the Art’s Collective and of course it makes sense to re-locate the arts in the area around the theatres and the new cinema that the Borough Council are going to help through the provision of a loan to the Royal and Derngate.

Arts Collective will bring Grade 2 listed building back into use

Northampton has for many years talked about developing an art’s quarter to be proud of and the relocation of the Art’s Collective to the Guildhall Road will be a great move forward and statement of intent.

Number 36 Guildhall Road would be the ideal solution having been vacant now for over 7 years and being a Grade 2 listed building with the cost of renovating it being spread over 25 years it is an ideal solution which will not only provide a fantastic resource to the Art’s Collective but if in the future they didn’t want to remain in it the building would be in a good state of repair to rent at a commercial rate.