Money for Spin but Not for Police and Elderly

Taxpayers paying for Tory Spin at Borough Council

Disgrace of Money for Spin but not for police and elderly

The news that Councillor David Mackintosh, the new Conservative Leader of the Borough Council, has ordered the management to employ an Assistant to support the existing Political Assistant whilst talking constantly of the need to cut funding of essential front line services is nothing short of disgraceful and it gives me no comfort to have predicted that it would happen.

Style over substance is the new byword and policy of the Borough Council administration and the employment at the taxpayers expense of another member of staff to deliver the ‘spin’, of which Cllr Mackintosh is unquestionably the master having worked for Conservative Central Office will once again have the public asking what an earth is going on and further alienate the electorate from the democratic process.

We now have an administration that for the first time will have a Northampton Borough Council Leader who is supported by an Executive Secretary who deals quite rightly with the Council Administration of a busy office and a taxpayer paid Political Advisor whose role will be to control the political message who will have an assistant to help with the general political administration.

It simple beggars belief that at a time when Cllr Mackintosh has personally in his Councillor role at both County and Borough Council level imposed cuts to care in the homes for the elderly, cuts to the police, CCTV and homelessness he has the arrogance to think that they could get away with bringing in a ‘spin specialist’.

Worst and most shameful of all is that it is a position that has been ‘sneaked in’ at a time when a great many of the existing Council staff are fearful of facing unemployment due to the cuts and in a month when over 30% of the staff are facing large cuts in pay, running to over £3,000 a year due to the implementation of a pay and grading review.

What next – a chief assistant to the assistant chiefs’ chief assistance’s chief?

I hope Conservatives on the Northampton Borough Council show some backbone and oppose this ridiculous and totally unacceptable and unnecessary appointment.