Hypocrisy of passing the blame for cuts in public safety to the Police

Passing the blame is about not accepting responsibility

Cllr David Mackintosh, the Conservative Leader of the Borough Council having cut £500,000 of police funding as the Cabinet members responsible on the County Council and £100,000 as the Leader of the Borough Council is now passing the blame to the police and police authority.

His argument that the police has reserves they should use to fund the cuts doesn’t stack up against his cuts to other essential front lines services such as CCTV, homelessness budgets, care for the elderly in their own homes, cuts to the Northampton Door to Door service amongst many others when the councils of which he is a leading Conservative have investments,reserves and cash in excess of hundreds of million of pounds..

The fact is that Council has enough, as Cllr Mackintosh’s very close friend and confidant, Eric Pickles MP, Minister for Communities and Local Government states, taxpayers money squirreled away to be able to carry on supporting the police.

Perhaps the Chief Constable and Police Authority would be wise to ask just how much the Councils have? and I will certainly be asking for a full and comprehensive schedule of investments, reserves and cash that Northampton Borough Council have tucked away.

This is another clear case of passing the blame for the impact of  the Conservatives decisions on other bodies such as the police, health services and of course most importantly the people of Northampton who will see essential front line services to the most vulnerable cut for nothing more than a blind following of political dogma.

What will Conservative Councillors choose? - or will they do as they are told?

At a time when Northampton is suffering from an increase in the number of shops  and businesses closing down and the unemployment that comes with closures, retailers concerns about the economy and lack of spending expected throughout 2012 and the hopefully temporary closure and concern about the safety of the towns clubs following the recent incidents demands that the Council Leaders should be concentrating on encouraging people to the town not spending their time looking for someone to blame.

Only time will tell if the Conservatives at the Borough Council will follow the instruction they will undoubtedly be given to vote for the motion he intends to submit calling on the police and taxpayers to pay for his administrations ill-judged and misguided policy of cuts to public safety, or absent themselves from the Chamber to avoid retribution if they go against the instruction.

Leader of Northampton Borough Council says police have enough money to fund PCSOs – Local – Northampton Chronicle & Echo.