Northampton Borough Council – A Distraction from Real Impact of Budget Cuts

Paperless Office - Welcome to Tomorrows World?

I remember that over 35 years ago on a programme called Tomorrows World, well before Lap Tops and I Pads it was said that we would soon have paperless offices and meetings which is why the move to save £5000 on printing paper copies of agendas for Councillors is one of the strangest and irrelevant items of distraction in a Borough Council Budget which is in for all practical terms a continuation of the cuts that the County Council are making.

The Borough Council budget is going to cut essential front line services to public safety which combined with the cuts to policing, CCTV and street lighting will raise the fear of crime and in practice endanger those individuals, especially the elderly and vulnerable who already feel that they cannot leave their homes at night.

The impact of the Conservatives budget proposals will be to transfer services to the already failed and inept  County Council  behind an excuse of ‘sharing services’ in order to plug and hide the financial problems that NCC have got themselves into through their financial mismanagement with NBC taxpayers funding and what may well be a move towards the sharing of a single Chief Executive with the Leaders of both Councils operating in tandem to create a County Unitary Authority.

Of course what will happen is that the Borough Council will need to spend more than £5,000 on upgrading Councillor IT equipment and the provision of printing paper and print cartridges as Councillors print off the paper copies they need to do their jobs in representing the public and holding the administration to account.

Northampton Borough Council to save money by cutting back on printing documents and agendas – Local – Northampton Chronicle & Echo.