No to More People More Often – Real Meaning of Cuts

Vulnerable should be protected from cuts

There is no doubt that all Local Authorities are faced with having to make cuts to services in order to balance the books.

Of course one reason for the cuts is the world-wide recession which has been ongoing since 2008 and a failure of the Government to make contingencies for the future during the boom years.

However it is also true that Local Authorities who failed to take the tough decisions needed since 2008 by refusing to increase taxation to provide for the future are now caught in a trap of their own making.

A trap that will mean they will have to raise taxation levels in the future and in the meantime now have to make serious and draconian cuts in front line services to the public that will unquestionably have a significant impact on the vulnerable.

The County Council’s recent announcement of proposed budget options and cuts will have a very serious impact on the Northampton people, and will lead to the Borough Council having to say No to More People More Often.

Northampton Borough Council cannot be the funder of last resort and pick up the problems that will arise if the County Council cuts go ahead and should not jeopardise the stable financial position it is in due to good financial management in the past.

I would urge everyone to look closely at the proposals, to take part in the budget consultation and will be asking County Councillor colleagues who represent the Borough Wards at County Hall to oppose the cuts to the most vulnerable in Northampton. You can find your local County Councillor by putting your postcode into the Official County Council Website

It is something I’m sure the people of Northampton will give them great credit for and will restore some degree of faith in local politics.