Lab – Lib Dems – Didn’t – Don’t Approach?

Town Centre - Abington Street

Very interesting Liberal Democrat and Labour contributions at last night’s Cabinet.

Don’t go ahead with Grosvenor Redevelopment – there is no need for it,

Don’t close the Bus Station, (remember when there was sewage running down the walls)

Don’t build a new bus interchange,

Don’t build a hotel in the Town Centre

Don’t work with the University to provide student accommodation,

Don’t regenerate the Town Centre

An attitude and approach they appear to have jointly developed in the six months since losing last May’s election and one that send out a clear and unambiguous negative message to business, inward investors and the people of Northampton that as far as the opposition are concerned the way forward is to say

Don’t, don’t, don’t

But to be fair –

They did say in their manifestos if they were voted in it would be steady as you go, more of the same, no ideas, no progress and no faith in the people of Northampton.

At least for once they are being consistent even if it does mean they are now opposed to everything they stood for or supported between 2007 and 2011.

Labour – Liberal Democrats – difficult to understand, impossible to believe.

You just couldn’t make it up.

Thankfully they are now seen as being increasingly irrelevant and we are moving forward with the regeneration of the Town Centre and Borough, supporting business, making it easier for inward investment through the Enterprise Zone to bring jobs and enterprise into the town.

If you see a Labour or Liberal Democrat Councillor, ruin their day by  Smiling, Being Positive and Optimistic.

The recession is bad but it will not go on forever, there is a lot to do and some way to go but we have made a start and will be ready for the upturn.

Northampton is a place of the future and under the Conservatives is open for business.