Delapre Abbey – Northamptons Heritage

Delapre Abbey - Heritage priority for Northampton

There is something majestic, even in its present state, about Delapre Abbey which is why we have made it the number one heritage project for Northampton.

Yes there are other heritage things we intend to do, but I really believe that in making the Abbey  the number one priority we are sending out a clear message that alongside bringing modern enterprises to the town we are not going to forget about its heritage.

We have submitted an initial application for Heritage Lottery Funding for £270,000 which is to be announced today.

This will deliver Phase 1 the development of a comprehensive plan and programme of work for the restoration of the Abbey.

In awarding Phase 1 funding the Heritage Lottery Funding are clear that they support our plans for the long-term restoration project.

It is all now to play for.

The work that the Friends of Delapre Abbey have done is exceptional and I am determined that the Borough Council will build on it not only to bring the Abbey back to life but for it to once again be a focal point in  Northampton.

This fantastic news for the town and everyone who values the Abbey and builds on the investments we have already made in restoring the Water Gardens which opens in the next week.