The greatest will of man Is that for him to survive It is the driving force Throughout our to brief lives We learn from the very start To protect ourselves from harm As we travel along life’s path We learn to choose those Who we consider friends And choose to protect them We’ll stand up…Read more »

Combat Loneliness

Combat Loneliness The title of this is intentionally ambiguous being written by an ex-military man who comes from a family with a long history of military service that goes back to great grandfathers and grandfathers who served in WW1 to fathers and uncles who served in WW2. Loneliness is a strange phenomenon and never more…Read more »

Most Dangerous

Man the most dangerous animal Upon the earths sad face Over six billion of us Fighting for each others space We all take life for granted So little does it mean We sell each other weapons And with no sense of scruples We’re happy to use them To kill each other’s people