It is the precious element The basis of all life So why do we neglect it Pollution now is rife Why don’t we appreciate What is given to us for free Tumbling from the skies Rushing over the landscape To make the rivers flow Seeping through the soil Deep wells to expose It’s worn away…Read more »

A Generation Lost

I’ve written before about the role of a countries military personnel and how they are as a countries ultimate legal means of coercion called upon when the politicians either fail to recognise and understand the issues under discussion or even worse deliberately – for their own political ends – manufacture a situation in which war…Read more »


The moon glowing in the sky Stars from afar drawing the eye Gazing into the dark dark night Stars like Christmas twinkling lights Breathing in the brisk night breeze The comfort of the night Bringing with it eternal peace


The men and women Who fight for a freedom Don’t have armour Or steel hearts Preventing flying bullets From tearing them apart Military women and men Fighting for your freedom Filled with turmoil and emotion For comrades who have fallen For non combatants dying Wearing their uniform with pride Remembering those who’ve died In the…Read more »